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Min'imah Zarif

Min'imah Zarif had asked her friend Bobbie Brooks to a group she was putting together on a much-anticipated vacation to Korea, Japan, Taipei, and Hong Kong.  "Something just felt funny," Brooks was quoted as saying in the Detroit Free Press.  She decided not to go.

Zarif, who owned the Salaam Travel Agency in Detroit, and her group couldn't wait to get to Korea and begin to enjoy the fantastic shopping, food, and history of the Far East.

A woman of many accomplishments, Zarif wrote two books for children.  One, titled To Be Somebody was about well-known Detroit African-Americans.  The other was about Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Brooks called Zarif "...fantastic, a real entrepreneur."  A trustee of a Detroit-area African-American museum, former kindergarten teacher, and former member of the Detroit Fire Department Advisory Board, Zarif also volunteered within the Muslim community and was a strong supporter of the rights of women.  She is one of those people with deep love and boundless generosity, whom it is a privilege to know.

A former student, Allison Bell, recalls, "The passenger was my kindergarten teacher at Bagley Elementary School in Detroit, Michigan. At that time, her name was Margaret Boone Jones. I did not learn that she was a passenger on this tragic flight until about six years ago. A former classmate of mine who still lives in Detroit informed me. I still have my report card where she wrote that it was a pleasure having me in her class and I 'should go far.' Today, I am an attorney."

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