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Soviet Top Secret Memos Five Soviet top secret memos dating from late 1983, within weeks of the downing of Korean Air Lines Flight 007.  Released by Russian President Boris Yeltsin in October 1992. Nov-Dec 1983
Izvestia Articles Two series of articles in Russian language newspaper, Izvestia, concerning KAL 007. 1990-1991
Republican Staff Study ("CIA Report") (한국어) Senate Foreign Relations Committee Republican minority staff draft report on the fate of KAL 007. Jun 1991
Shifrin Press Release Press release by Avraham Shifrin on KAL 007.    Jul 1991
Shifrin Memorandum A discussion by Avraham Shifrin on developments in his investigation into the fate of KAL 007. Nov 1991
Helms Letter (한국어) Letter from US Senator Jesse Helms to Russian President Boris Yeltsin asking for answers to specific questions based on Shifrin’s material and the Republican Staff Study. Dec 1991
Nance Letter Letter from Admiral Bud Nance, to Avraham Shifrin, informing him of disposition of his material and changes in the Republican staff. Feb 1992
Kondrabaev Interview Interview with one of the Russian divers, Vadim Kondrabaev, sent to explore the wreckage of KAL 007 in 1983. Oct 2000
Kamenski Interview Interview with Lieutenant General Valeri Kamenski, who, as Chief of Staff of the Soviet Far East Military District Air Defense Force, was directly involved in the KAL 007 shoot-down.  Kamenski is presently Chief of Staff and Deputy Commander of the Ukrainian Air Force. Mar 2001
Commentary: 20th Anniversary of Flight 007 Statement by Mikhail Prozumentshchikov, Deputy Director of the Russian State Archives of Recent History on the shooting down of KAL 007 in RIA Novosti, September 1, 2003 -- the twentieth anniversary of the tragedy. Sept 2003


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