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Russian Government Commentary on Twentieth Anniversary of KAL 007 Shoot Down

Mikhail Prozumentshchikov, Deputy Director of the Russian State Archives of Recent History comments on the shooting down of KAL 007 in RIA Novosti, September 1, 2003--the twentieth anniversary of the tragedy.  The article and a commentary on the article by aero-space expert James Oberg (Oberg has written extensively on the shoot down) are available here.  Oberg points out numerous errors in this official release.  But of particular interest in the statement are the following words:

"Large numbers of American, Japanese and Soviet planes and ships concentrated in the area of the incident. They did not so much as co-operate to look for the remnants of the airliner as interfered with each other's efforts and even deliberately provoked each other (US ships repeatedly announced in Russian that if Soviet planes flew over them, they would be shot down).  But since the USSR, for natural reasons, KNEW BETTER WHERE THE BOEING HAD BEEN DOWNED [emphasis added], and also thanks to a wind blowing towards the Soviet coast, the principal exhibits from the sunken plane came into Soviet hands... Even with deepwater ships available to the USSR and the US, it was very problematical to retrieve anything, ESPECIALLY AS THE USSR WAS NOT PARTICULARLY INTERESTED [emphasis added]."
This statement acknowledges Soviet knowledge of the plane's location and their efforts to mislead the US and other nations while perpetuating the ruse that they were looking for the crash themselves even though, as is shown elsewhere on this website (The Rescue), they most likely already had the plane, its contents and its people in custody. This fits with the revelations in the Soviet Top Secret Memos translated and posted on this site.

Another point of interest concerning this paper and Oberg's commentary is that the deceptions continue. Many people have raised the question of why the Russians would still want to hide the truth of the matter long after the fall of the Soviet Union. The reasons are addressed in FAQ 1 on this site. This paper gives evidence of the reality of this continued deception.


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