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KAL 007 - The Plane

This page contains information about the aircraft used for Korean Air Lines Flight 007 from John F. Kennedy Airport in New York, NY to Kimpo Airport, Seoul, Korea on August 31, 1983.

KAL 007 Specifics

  • Aircraft Model:  Boeing 747-230B
  • Factory Line Number:  186
  • Boeing Construction Number:  20559
  • Engines:  Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7A

KAL 007 History

  • Delivered to Lufthansa (Condor) in 1972 
  • First flight on March 17, 1972
  • Delivery Registration:  D-ABYH 
  • Leased to Korean Airlines in 1979
  • New Registration:  HL7442

Boeing 747 Aircraft

Technical specifications for Boeing 747-200B series aircraft can be found here.

The 747-200B was originally known as the 747B.  It was a modification of the original 747, which was first flown on April 11, 1969.  Even before the first production 747s rolled off the line, the upgraded 747B was announced in June 1968.  The 747Bs were later called 747-200Bs and the original production model the 747-100.  Subsequent modifications became the 747-300 and the 747-400.  Boeing also manufactured a 747-200F (Freighter), 747-200C (Convertible from freight to passengers) and a 747-200M ("Combi" combination passenger and freight) as well as the 747-SP (Special Performance). 

Boeing model numbers are a combination of the aircraft series number and a designation for the airline contracting for construction.  The number for Lufthansa is 30; therefore, this plane is designated as a Boeing 747-230B since it was manufactured for Lufthansa originally.

Photo Gallery

  • Click here to see a photo of the plane as D-ABYH (Condor Airlines).
  • Click here to see a photo of the plane as HL7442 (Korean Airlines).


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