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Yeon-Keum Kwon

It is easy to wonder what 70-year-old Yeon-Keum Kwon was thinking on her way back to Korea.

Communists there had murdered her husband in 1952, but this trip to the U.S. immersed her in love and family.  Visiting her son, Cho Won Cheol, in west Philadelphia, she got to celebrate the first birthday of new grandson, Hyung Soph.

Before the attack on Flight 007, was there a smile on Mrs. Kwon's face?  Was she thinking about her one-year-old grandson?  Remembering how many friends she had in Philadelphia?  We can't help but wonder what those hours were like for her.  According to the Philadelphia Daily News in 1983, Mrs. Kwon's time in the US ended with a "farewell service" for her at a nearby Korean Presbyterian Church.  Certainly, a time of warm fellowship and many prayers.  Cho was quoted in the 1983 Daily News article:  "All of her friends were there.  It was a good time."

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