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Hiroko Stevens



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Hiroko Stevens

On August 31, 1983, Hiroko Stevens was on her way home for her younger sister's wedding and to see her family for the first time since she had been married the previous January.

Hiroko had met her husband, William Stevens, in Japan where he had been teaching for five years.  After coming to the U.S., she spent two years working at the Tatsukichi Japanese restaurant on State St. in Boston, Massachusetts.  She was to begin classes as a freshman at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, the week following her tragic flight home.  She had been studying English for several years and wanted to become a nurse.

"I'm deeply affected, deeply hurt and totally emptied by this," Stevens said.  "I feel frustrated and helpless--all of those adjectives. The frustration is because I couldn't do anything about it.  And, surprisingly, I have no anger, just sadness.  I just want my wife back."  (Quoted from The Boston Globe, September 2, 1983, an article by Stephanie Chavez.)

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