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Edith Cruz

"Edith, my sister, was sensitive and caring. She was quiet and soft-mannered in her ways. She loved to cook and made the best coffee. She did cross stitch and embroidery, recently purchased her first car, held a Medical Technology Degree, worked for a local hospital. She was praised by family and friends for her giving and servant spirit.

"My dearest memories of Edith however were in the last 2 years of our lives together. Together we shared a duplex, and together we found our new life in Christ. In February of 1982 I received the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Sharing with Edith all I was learning and my salvation experience, she soon started coming with me to REACHOUT, a Bible study ministry in Chattanooga, TN, by Kay Arthur. In August of the same year, my sister Edith received the eternal salvation through Jesus Christ alone. Edith and I studied the Bible together every night and prayed for our whole family that they as well would find the new life we found in Christ.

"Losing her is losing an intimate prayer partner."

- Susan Gilliland, sister of Edith Cruz

Edith Cruz
Edith Cruz

Twenty-three year-old Edith Cruz lived in Chattanooga, TN, and worked as a medical technician at East Ridge Hospital there.  When she booked her flight on Korean Air Lines, she had just received word that her grandmother in the Philippines was seriously ill.  By the time Edith flew, her grandmother had died.  She traveled in the company of her uncle, Alfredo Cruz, who was in seat 40B.

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