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Donald and Aiden Lombard



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Donald and Aiden Lombard

Jack Gerrow told The Philadelphia Inquirer, "They were wonderful men, both of them.  They weren't partners as much as they were friends."  A neighbor was also quoted as saying, "Maureen Lombard said Donald was so happy.  He was in his own business and he was doing so well.  She kidded that maybe they could retire."

Together with Gerrow, brothers Donald and Aiden Lombard ran their six-year-old business, Indep, Inc., specializing in repairing large computers.  They had grown to 35 employees by 1983, and had a clientele that knew how good they were, to the point that the business didn't need a sign.  A contract to repair a large IBM computer near Seoul -- a one-week job -- put them on Flight 007.

Donald and wife Maureen have two daughters -- Beth, 14 at the time, and Becky, who was 11.  Aiden and wife Julia have four children.

Of her father, Donald, Beth shares, "My father was a decorated US Marine who specialized in radar and communications. After the Marines he started up 3 of his own cutting edge businesses designing, manufacturing and repairing mainframe and PC computers on an international basis (hence his reason for being on KAL). In his spare time he was studying to become a pilot and owned two of his own airplanes. He was also known to have had an IQ equaling that of a genius."

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