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Christian & Elizabeth Carasco

Christian Carasco Elizabeth Carasco

Christian and Elizabeth Carasco are the children of Sonia Munder.

From Christian Munder Memorial (school yearbook):

"Christian Munder, a brown-haired, 13 year old seventh grader, died on the first of September, 1983.  Christian and his sister, Elizabeth, were coming back to the Philippines aboard the Korean Airliner that was shot down by the Soviets.  They were poor victims of an international tragedy which brought tears to all the people of the world.

Do you believe in prophecies?  Did you know that before Christian left for his vacation, he drew three pictures which foresaw the coming disaster.  The first picture showed a body that was mutilated.  The second clearly showed a plane being destroyed and the third showed an inside view of a plane exploding with a boy staring out the window seeing a missile being shot from a war plane.

Two masses have been held for the Munder children.  One in Sanctuario de San Antonio, Forbes Park, and the other in St. Andrew's Church, Bel-Air.

The Middle School, especially his friends and teachers, will miss him and he will always stay vividly in their memories."

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