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About the Book

Considering the various portions of Bert Schlossberg's Rescue 007: The Untold Story of KAL 007 and Its Survivors available on this web site, you may wonder if it's worthwhile getting and reading the book itself.  It is.  Here's why:

The Story

The book tells the story of KAL 007 as a "story" that moves us along one thing to another giving us a better understanding of it all.  Within that setting, the material on the website (technical and otherwise), takes on compelling clarity and relevance.

Family Drama

The book also chronicles the growing drama of one family (the author's) as the tragedy of the KAL 007 shootdown and its aftermath unfolds.  This story deserves to be told, especially as it is echoed resoundingly in the many personal tragedies in the US and around the world.  Of course this cannot be given justice on the web site.

Research Contribution and Results Shown

Finally, the book unveils the invaluable contribution of the Israeli Research Centre for Prisons, Psych-Prisons, and Forced Labor Concentration Camps of the U.S.S.R and the life of its chief investigator, Avraham Shifrin.  It shows how the Centre's startling findings were dealt with - and not dealt with - by various US governmental bodies and personages.

Read the book and get others to do so too - For the Rescue!


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