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Dear Friends,

This is to draw your attention to several things that have been previously posted on this website which, taken together, are very startling. Be sure to read and re-read them.

No longer are we limited to digging up and presenting obscure facts. Now official as well as unofficial statements from the Soviet Union and Russia attest to the intentional deception staged by the Soviets at the time of the KAL 007 shoot down--a deception that prevented the West from discovering that passengers had been taken as live prisoners.

First, The Four Soviet Top-Secret Memos

In 1992, Russian president Boris Yeltsin had disclosed four top-secret memos dating from late 1983, within weeks of the downing of Korean Air Lines Flight 007. These memos were published in the Soviet news magazine, Izvestia, shortly after being made public. They are highly significant in showing the attitude of the Soviet leadership towards the US, the UN, its International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and this flight.

Among several interesting facts from these memos is an acknowledgement, contrary to public statements, that the Soviet interceptors made no attempt to contact KAL 007 on the international emergency radio frequency nor did they fire tracers or warning shots. The final memo, to Soviet Premier, Yuri Andropov, confirms that the Soviets intentionally deceived the US and Japan as to the fact that they had retrieved the Black Boxes from KAL Flight 007 and that they had decided consciously to keep them secret from the rest of the world.

Second, The Official Russian Statement

Now, after all these years, on the Twentieth Anniversary of the shooting down of KAL 007, the Russians have finally admitted that they had deliberately sought to deceive the international community as to the location of KAL 007 and that they had known all along where the plane was. This item contains some remarkable admissions from an official state organ. It also continues the process of deception in that it contains some deliberate inaccuracies which are discussed in the accompanying commentary.

Third, The Great Russian Ruse

This is a detailed account, taken from original sources, of the naval confrontation and the discoveries of the Soviet divers: KAL 007, the U.S. Seventh Fleet, and the Great Russian Ruse will give you an understanding of the whole situation.
The first two sets of documents give clear evidence that the Soviets had deliberately set out to hide their finding of the plane and its passengers, crew and contents. The final entry explains how the whole operation was carried out. Taken together, this is strong evidence for the survival of those aboard Korean Air Lines Flight 007 shot down on the early morning of September 1, 1983.

The time has come to bring our people back home. Twenty years is a long time--but not too long a time to take action. If your loved ones were waiting for some one to remember, for some one to come to their rescue and bring them back home, wouldn't you?

Yours, for the rescue!

Ben Torrey
U.S. Director


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