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Message from the Int'l Director - 12/2005



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Dear Folks,

It's been some time now since the last letter to you about progress "for the rescue". Shortly, I will be updating you on what really interests us the most - the actual progress for the efforts to bring the surviving passengers and crew of KAL 007 back home, but for now, another step forward in the uncovering of the enormous deception the Soviets played on the US and its allies in the Soviet's supposedly sincere underwater search for KAL 007 and its people - the subterfuge to make us think that they had not retrieved "black boxes", plane and people.

But first, as you know, we have pointed out that the Soviet hierarchy at the highest levels knew and spoke about this deception to one another. We know this from the 1992 release of the first President of the Russian Federation, Boris Yeltsin (http://www.rescue007.org/TopSecretMemos.htm). And then on September 1, 2003, the Deputy Director of the Russian Federation State Archives of Recent History confirmed the Soviet pretense of search for KAL 007 while they knew all along where the plane was (http://www.rescue007.org/anniversary_commentary.htm). We have detailed elsewhere how this Russian ruse was carried out and just how early it was begun (http://www.rescue007.org/ruse.htm).

And now this step forward in uncovering the Soviet deception -

This information comes to us from Leonid Antseliovich, designer of the Sukhoi 15 TM - the Soviet interceptor which downed KAL 007. Mr. Antseliovich, now residing in the U.S., directed us to the August 31, 2005, edition of the influential Russian newspaper Moscowsky Komsomolets in which Russian military historian Alexander Kolesnikov quotes one of the key players in the downing of KAL 007 - General Ivan Tretyak. General Tretyak was the Commander of the Far East Military District in 1983, later to be promoted to commander of the Far East Theater of Operations, and the superior officer of two other key players in the shootdown, General Kornukov and General Kamensky. General Tretyak, aside from his position in the Military Command, held a high political position - member of the Central Committee of the CPSU - and as such was privy to many of the decisions made of national importance. As is often the case with Russian communications and "trial disclosures", short admissions prove highly significant for next steps. Here is military historian Alexander Kolesnikov's quote from General Tretyak -

Ivan Tretyak:

We had decided to provide the Americans with a "false point of falling", and indicated this location by the presence of our ships. They "took the bait". They started for there with ships and helicopters. It so happened, that one helicopter fell in this area...
(verified by Admiral Walter Piotti, Commander of Task Force 71 of the U.S. 7th Fleet in his After Action Report).

When will we wake up and pay attention to the words of the people who implicate themselves, even after many years? When will we take action based on what we know, on what we have come to learn, to make a difference in this world? When will we move, and get others to move to bring back the surviving passengers and crew of KAL 007 - and 22 children who were, at the time of the shootdown, under the age of 12?

Bert Schlossberg
International Director
International Committee for the Rescue of KAL 007 Survivors


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