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Ian Powrie



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Ian Powrie

I was at Gresham's School, a public school on Holt, Norfolk, England with Ian Powrie who was a senior pupil in Tallis House when I was there as a junior. I think that he was about three years older than me at the time.

I recall that he was a very nice and helpful man amongst his peers who were generally arrogant and bullying to a number of the younger boys.

Ian Powrie was not like that.

His name appears on the school honours board listing his magnificent achievements at University in England and he had a bright future ahead of him. He was cruelly struck down at 24, it was such a waste.

I recall news of his death appearing in the list of casualties in the Daily Telegraph.

I remember the shock that made news of yet another world disaster much more real to me. It was the first time that I could link a death to reality.

My last recollection of Ian Powrie is a Tallis House review in which Ian and a number of senior pupils had to sing Imagine by John Lennon whilst a group of us squirted them with bottles of diluted washing up liquid.

I remember Ian Powrie managing to continue to sing, despite the fact that his eyes were streaming, and he was in pain due to his eyes being filled with a noxious substance, and, despite this, he was applauding the efforts of the others who were trying to keep up with him.

It is an image that is still as clear today as it was in the late 1970s.

Alastair Cuthbert
Cornwall, England

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